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Partnerships can range from two people to 20+.  We have experience of and provide professional advice for partnerships and limited liability partnerships of all kinds.

Advice on profit sharing, partnership or membership agreements is available to try and avoid some of the pitfalls for the unwary.

We’ll provide support for the filing requirements of limited liability partnerships and can produce the year end accounts.

Being a partnership ourselves, we are well aware of the issues they present, including how best to sell a share in a practice, how to acquire a share, valuing shares, and what happens if disputes arise.

We will prepare and submit the partnership’s income tax return and where we act for the individual partners too they gain from the “joined-up” service we provide with information fed directly to the individual’s tax return every year.

We can advise on the appropriate accounting records needed and provide access to online accounting software, Xero.  We’re Sage Accountants’ Club members too, so can assist with Sage accounts.

If the partnership has employees, we can provide full payroll services.