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Payroll bureau

Hale & Company LLP is a fully-fledged BACS bureau, which means that as part of our outsourced payroll service we can make payments on your behalf to your employees, whether they’re paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or less often.  We can also make payments to HMRC and to third parties (for things like pension contributions, attachment of earnings, and so on).

Our software is always up to date so you need never worry about renewing payroll software licences or that you are not deducting the right amounts.  What is more, employee payslips can be uploaded to a secure, dedicated website to which each employee has his or her own password and PIN, so that your employees can access their payslips 24/7 from anywhere in the world with a web browser.

And by using a payroll bureau, you avoid the problems of needing someone within the business to run the payroll, enhancing security and confidentiality.

With the advent of RTI (Real Time Information or Real Time PAYE), filing information on a timely basis is going to become essential in order to comply with the latest PAYE regulations, and our experience as accountants, tax advisers and independent financial advisers will also help you to comply with the new workplace pensions obligations.